Kevin Barr

Kevin Barr

Kevin is a licensed acupuncturist in PA and is nationally certified. He has a Masters in Acupuncture and has been practicing acupuncture since 2000. Kevin went for acupuncture treatments in 1997 and was very impressed by the energetic changes that happened to him personally. With a previous interest in Asian philosophy and art and after 10 years in the art, photography and advertising worlds, he decided to make a career change to acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Both art and acupuncture have at their core a spiritual sensibility. Both utilize manual dexterity and sensitivity to connect with the world outside and both require focused intention, intuition and technical skill. So, Kevin’s experience in the art world has informed and complemented his experience in acupuncture to become the art of acupuncture. His ability to see into the nature of things and people allows him to get to the root of people’s healing concerns quickly. Also his sense of caring and compassion honors each person who comes through his door as unique, requiring an open ear and heart to truly understand where someone is coming from. Treatments are one-on-one. There are not multiple rooms with a treatment flow of three or four people an hour. Kevin believes that focused quality treatments in the long run save you money and time since you don’t have to go as much to get the results you are looking for, saving you time and money.

Schedule your appointment with Kevin today by calling us at 267-536-2867!.

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