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What is Red Light+?

Red Light+ is also known as Phtobiomodulation (PBM), it is a quick, simple, and non-invasive treatment method used for skin, sleep, fitness, inflammation, energy, and overall wellness. Red Light+ uses LED-based devices to deliver therapeutic wavelengths of red and near infrared (NIR) light directly to your skin and cells. Red and NIR light enhances cellular function by supplying your mitochondria with the healthy light needed to make the vital ATP energy that powers your body.

Red Light+ therapy treatments are safe, simple, and take only about ten minutes. All you have to do is stand or sit in the healing red and NIR light.

How Does Red Light+ Therapy Work?

Humans have trillions of cells, and each one needs energy to do their job and keep our bodies in balance. Unfortunately, most people don’t get nearly enough healthy, natural light from their daily environment (the average American spends over 90% of their time indoors). Red Light+ therapy treatments deliver the healthy light our bodies, brains, and cells need to thrive and perform their best. Red and NIR light enhances cellular function and promotes greater efficiency and balance in the cellular energy making process. The more efficiently we can create ATP energy in our cells, the better we feel and function. Red Light+ therapy treatments have also been shown to improve blood flow, and they help manage inflammation and oxidative stress.

What are the Benefits of Red Light+ Therapy?

Red Light+ therapy is used by some of the world’s best athletes, trainers, and health practitioners. Red Light+ therapy has also been studied extensively by clinical researchers, and shown to be safe and effective in over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies and trails. These are some of the primary benefits associated with consistent Red Light+ therapy usage:

  • Enhanced cellular energy production
  • Greater cellular and bodily balance
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Sleep improvements
  • Better physical performance and enhanced recovery
  • Improved inflammation management and healing
  • Skin health
  • Sharper mental acuity

Red Light+ Therapy is Safe, Non-Invasive, Chemical & Drug Free

Red Light+ therapy is safe, non-invasive, uses no chemicals or drugs, and is not associated with harmful side effects. This type of therapy delivers red and NIR wavelengths of light that have been proven safe and well-tolerated in over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies. Used by health practitioners and professional sports teams, llight therapy treatments are a quick, low-impact way to improve health and wellness.


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