Soft Tissue Modalities

guashaAddressing the soft tissue of the body is an important aspect of healing and treatment of an acute or chronic injury. At Beyond Chiropractic the soft tissue (including muscles, tendons and ligaments) is examined for every patient and always addressed when necessary.

Gua Sha

A ‘muscle scraping’ technique used to break up adhesions found in chronic injury sites. This technique has also been very beneficial for athletes to treat chronic injuries like tennis elbow or low back pain, but also for preventing injuries when a competition or tournament is approaching.

Trigger Point Therapy

A technique used to identify a small area of muscle in constant spasm creating a referred pain pattern. Trigger points can cause constant unrelenting dull achey pain when not identified and treated.

Kinesio Taping

complete-bicipital-tenosynovitis-300x120This time of year we’ll be seeing more kinesio-tape make it’s appearance on TV as the Summer Olympians are sporting their tape to treat or prevent injury. See here a picture of a patient’s upper arm that Dr. Heather taped.

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